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Spring 2014 Health & Happiness Tips


Has spring quietly crept up on you this year? Does it feel as if you’ve just finished with the winter holidays when, in fact, you’ll soon be knee-deep in tax returns and Easter egg hunts. If you still haven’t made much headway on your New Year’s resolutions, this is the ideal time to get a move on. That way, when summer arrives, you’ll be ready to embrace those sweet summer days and nights with self-confident abandon. Below is your get-ready guide:

1) Stop grabbing meals on the fly. Plan ahead and shop ahead to avoid making thoughtless choices that lead to weight gain.

2) Better yet, conduct a spring pantry cleaning! Toss the chips, cookies, candy, white bread, white potatoes, butter, and bad-for-you snacks.

3) Then restock with fresh fruits and veggies, low-fat diary, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and lean, unprocessed meats.

4) Stuck in the winter doldrums? Change the way you feel about yourself by embarking on something new.

5) That “new” can be as simple as embracing a new look and making new friends. Or it can be as far-reaching as going back to school or making a career change. Pursue interesting opportunities and challenges that will reignite your love of life.

6) Make time for fun and relaxation. Nothing cures mind and body like a good laugh, a good workout, a good conversation, and a good book.

7) Readdress your January resolutions. Modify where necessary to make your goals achievable, and then create a game plan that will keep you on course.

8) Don’t give in to negative thinking and negative behaviors. Say “yes”. Think “I can”. And pretty soon you will.

9) Check out the great new styles, colors, and beauty trends for 2014. A mini-makeover could be just the fresh start you need.

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