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5 Leading Laser Hair Removal Treatments


5 Leading Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Trends and advances in technology have made Laser Hair Removal one of today’s most popular aesthetic treatments, both for women and men. That popularity can be attributed to the convenience and cost-savings of saying goodbye to the repeated use of waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams. But this popularity is also a reflection of an increased concern for cleanliness and hygiene. It’s a concern that has both sexes heading to licensed laser hair removal specialists for meticulous landscaping.

The permanent results achieved leave skin smooth, soft and sexy. Better yet, while once only effective in the case of dark hair and fair skin, new laser technologies are now achieving comparable results for those with dark hair and dark skin or light hair and light skin.

What are the five top treatment areas for permanent laser hair removal? Read on!

Treatment here is especially prevalent among women plagued by facial hair on the chin, upper lip, and sides of the face. Still, men are increasingly making this a procedure of choice to avoid the hassles and discomfort of daily shaving, particularly if they have sensitive skin subject to razor burn, ingrown hairs, and breakouts.

Most American women consider underarm hair unsightly. Couple that with the odor of perspiration retained in the hair, and you’ve got two great reasons to go for permanent removal. That way, you’ll always look and feel fresh and sassy, whether wearing a bathing suit, tank top, or strapless cocktail dress.

Want to make a sizzling impression in your string bikini, lingerie, or flirty mini skirt? If so, you don’t want leg stubble and pubic hair spoiling the panorama. It’s also worth noting that leg treatment is gaining in popularity among men with excessive hair growth on the legs and across the buttocks.

For guys, smooth, well-defined chests are in and hairy chests with sagging pectorals are out. Hence, males are now accentuating their assets with laser hair removal to look hot and avoid the pain and possible scarring caused by waxing.

The same goes for back hair, which is a total turnoff on the beach, at the gym, or in the boudoir. Additionally, many guys who are into sports are now turning to laser hair removal to increase performance, reduce trapped odors, and look great while they’re doing it.

Today’s Laser Hair Removal is safe, fast, affordable, and highly effective for the permanent elimination of unwanted hair. So join the fashion-forward crowd, and go for a 21st-century look that says smooth, confident, and utterly HOT.

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