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Improving patient outcomes in today’s healthcare environment means carefully weaving a strong clinical practice with a sound financial program. Whether your revenue is derived primarily from elective care or insurance reimbursement, a properly designed, and carefully implemented, financing solution can enhance revenues by providing more patients with affordable access to quality care.

A Customized Solution

Our experts work with you to select a financing platform that meets the specific needs of both your patients and your practice:

  • Installment loans are perfect for one-time, non-episodic care. This platform features credit limits up to $65,000, prequalification with no effect on credit scores, dozens of available plans, and a mobile app.

  • Revolving credit lines are ideal for recurring procedures with multiple visits. Patients can be approved for credit lines up to $25,000 while promotional credit options are available to enhance affordability.

Based on your specialty and your selected platform, we’ll help you build a customized financing solution to support the types of procedures you provide, your fees, fixed costs, and other business requirements.

6 Months
(no interest)
12 Months
(no interest)
Amount Financed Monthly Payments Monthly Payments
$201 $34
$500 $84
$1,000 $167
$1,200 $200 $100
$1,500 $250 $125
$2,000 $334 $167
$2,500 $417 $209
$3,000 $500 $250

* For illustration purposes only.  See Danik Financing Office for more details.

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