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Cosmetic Face Fillers

Juvederm restores volume to facial

Juvederm is made of hyaluronic acid; the body’s natural hydrating power. Injecting a high concentration of hyaluronic acid to the dermal layer of the skin instantly restores the natural volume and smoothness of the skin for up to 9 months.

Juvederm is a volume face fillers injection that can be performed on the lower third of the face.

Radiesse is a long-lasting facial filler

Radiesse is a calcium based-gel that fills the dermal layer of the skin to correct signs of facial aging, such as naso-labial folds, sunken cheeks, deep wrinkles and scarring.The production of calcium is part of the living system of the human body, making this treatment biocompatible. It causes no allergic reactions and requires no prior skin test. Because the body naturally produces calcium, this biocompatible filler should be effective for 12- 24 months. Thus, it is longer lasting, and immediate results are noticeable when this treatment is administered.

Parlane is a hyaluronic acid filler

Perlane is a dermal filler prepared with a thicker form of hyaluronic acid that restores the body’s natural suppleness when it is depleted with age. As hyaluronic acid is a gel-based injection, it is easier to contour the regions being injected, thereby producing a natural, more youthful look.Perlane can be used for a number of corrections, such as reducing lines of the lips, around the mouth and face, and enhancing and augmenting the lips, nose and chin. Perlane can also be used to fill acne scars and facial indentation.

Effects of Perlane last from 3 – 5 months.

Restylane is a long-lasting facial filler

Restylane comes in a few different forms that address concerns in different areas.

This popular anti-aging product uses intermediate hyaluronic particles to fill naso-labial folds and wrinkles around the lips.

Injecting the body’s natural lubrication produces positive results that include eliminating facial wrinkles and sculpting lips and other facial features.

Restylane injections can last more than 6 months. Lasting results vary based on the areas being injected.

If you have any questions on face fillers or if you would like to schedule a consultation, then contact us today.


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Facial Cosmetic Fillers Treatment Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions


Treatment Results

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