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Au Natural vs. Surgically Enhanced





Yes, those nasal labial folds from nose to mouth are natural. So are the emerging jowls, sagging chin and crepe-like neck.  So if you want to age gracefully, go au natural and enjoy the signs of senior citizenry.

But for those with no intention of letting nature take its course, there is an alternative.  Extricate yourself from the grip of the ticking clock with a Face Lift or Swift Lift performed by Danik’s on-staff medical director and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. H. Michael Bass, M.D., FACS.

Among patients between the ages of 40 and 50, a less invasive Swift Lift may be all that’s necessary to restore that visage to a fresh-faced look of youth.  And wouldn’t you be delighted to say sayonara to the emerging sags, bags, wrinkles and folds that are robbing your cheeks, chin, nose and neck of their symmetry and soft contours.

A Swift Lift will eliminate that unattractive look of chronic fatigue that is making you appear older than your years.  This procedure is a “mini” version of a full facelift, involving smaller incisions and a less invasive approach to the lifting, removal and repositioning of skin and other tissue.  Hence, it is often referred to as a “Weekend Lift” from which recovery is speedy.  Thus, this is a popular procedure routinely done before weddings, reunions and second honeymoons when you need to take years off fast.

If, however, a more comprehensive approach is called for – especially for patients between the ages of 50 and 65 – Dr. Bass will recommend a full facelift to achieve the smoothed, tightened skin and appearance of vitality that says age is just a state of mind.

Has the mirror become your own personal public enemy #1?  If so, trade that haggard appearance in for a fresh, rejuvenated new look at Danik Surgical. And to love your reflection even more, combine the surgery with a skin-resurfacing medspa treatment for the reduction of age spots, fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and acne scars.



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