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Best Ways to Boost Your Energy Level


Best Ways to Boost Your Energy Level

Are you dragging every afternoon by 4 p.m. Would you like to go for a jog after work, but you just can’t get in gear?

If your fatigue is chronic and severe, it may be the symptom of a condition that warrants medical attention. But if you’re just too lethargic to get the most out of life, here are some surefire ways to give your energy level the boost it needs.

Start the day with a fortifying breakfast.
For sustained energy, go for complex carbohydrates supplemented by a healthy helping of fresh fruit. Don’t skip this meal, or you’ll be running on empty by mid-morning.

Think Bs.
B-complex vitamins work in combination. They help break down carbohydrates into blood glucose, which fuels cellular activity throughout brain and body.

Don’t overdo the stimulants.
The caffeine in coffee, colas and energy drinks will give you a temporary lift. But after that increase in metabolic activity, you’ll be left flatter than a pancake.

Load up on water instead.
Water increases your metabolic rate by up to 30%, especially when exercising. Furthermore, dehydration causes fatigue, so reach for the H20.

Log plenty of snooze time.
Our bodies need adequate sleep to recuperate from each day’s exposure to physical, mental, emotional, and environmental stressors. But this is not only about getting 7–8 solid hours. It’s also important to log those hours at the same time daily. Decide what that time is, and stick to your schedule. That way, you’ll arise with a reserve of energy that will sustain you throughout the day.

Lose the belly.
Shedding excess body fat will lead to a dramatic improvement in vitality and motivation. Let’s face it, carrying around extra pounds is just plain exhausting.

Shake a leg.
In other words, get moving. Nothing beats fatigue like exercise. You’ll be surprised how quickly physical activity unfogs the brain and eliminates physical inertia. Go for a walk, mow the lawn, hit the gym, or take the kids for a bike ride. It’s all good.

Eat less more often.
Five nutrient-rich mini-meals a day are the best way to prevent the fluctuations in blood sugar level that bring on hunger and fatigue. Mini-meals keep your metabolism cranking to provide long-lasting energy while fighting weight gain.

Don’t forget your Omega-3.
The Omega-3 oils in fatty fish provide a significant mental and physical pick-me-up. So be sure to work salmon, albacore tuna, herring, mackerel, lake trout and sardines into your weekly meal plan.