Cosmetic Injectables: 6 Easy Ways to Look Younger for the Holidays

The arrival of Halloween means the holiday season is not far behind. It’s time to roll back the clock so you’ll look fabulous for all the festivities that take place from November through New Year’s. Want to dazzle your Thanksgiving guests or colleagues come company party time? Take a tip from our list of the top six issues to correct and the best injectables for the job.

1) Forehead Wrinkles: Are worry lines across your forehead and deep furrows between your eyebrows making you look perpetually stressed out and cranky? Erase them with Botox or Dysport! Both cause a temporary reduction in muscle activity when injected into areas where constant frowning or squinting etches creases in the face. The smoothing of these lines and furrows will result in a far younger and stress-free appearance.

2) Crow’s Feet: They may be called “laugh lines”, but crow’s feet are nothing to laugh about. Like forehead lines, crow’s feet are caused by facial expressions (smiling, squinting) repeated daily over the course of years. Again, the best way to banish them is with Botox or Dysport, which will temporarily disarm the muscles whose movements produce these lines in the face. And when these lines are gone, say hello to a younger-looking you. 

3) Under-Eye Circles: Sure, you can heavy-up on the concealor to hide aging under-eye circles. But these days there is a far more natural-looking and permanent treatment that softens the circles as well as the look of fatigue they create. Restylane and Juvederm are both hyaluronic acid fillers that plump out the  depressions and wrinkles. The filler is injected into the tear troughs, and the results can last as long as 2 – 4 years.

4) Hallow Cheeks: Nothing is more aging than hallow, sunken cheeks. The lack of volume causes wrinkles to develop as well as folds from nose to mouth and mouth to chin. Voluma is an HA filler that is FDA-approved for deep cheek injection to correct this loss of volume. The treatment is so convenient you can have it at lunchtime and head back to the office immediately. Best of all, the volumizing will restore a youthful plumpness, smoothness, and curvature that lasts up to two years.

5) Mid- and Lower-Face Folds: Called “nasolabial folds” and “marionette lines”, these folds deepen with age due to loss of facial volume as well as skin elasticity. The result is a look that’s anything but attractive, but it’s easily corrected with Juvederm, Restylane or Perlane. All are HA fillers proven to be effective in dramatically smoothing away these creases to produce a much younger and more energized visage.

6) Lip Shrinkage and Pucker Lines: As we age, our lips also lose volume and shape. What’s more, this shrinkage promotes lipstick lines around the mouth, which become even more pronounced when one’s lifestyle choices include smoking and drinking. Happily, you can have plump, luscious lips with a perfect cupid’s bow in little more than a heartbeat. This thanks to Restylane and Perlane, which are especially effective in volumizing lips and plumping out wrinkles around the mouth.

Marilyn Segura
Marilyn Segura is the Clinic Director of Danik MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery. As an esteemed medical professional, she specializes in anti-aging medicine, non-surgical facial rejuvenation, and body contouring. Her passion for aesthetic medicine goes beyond the treatment room, as she is a regional trainer for several major aesthetic brands and also lectures and writes about medical aesthetics on a regular basis.
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