Kick off 2012 by asking yourself…

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“Why look my age when I don’t have to?”

To debut its new Surgical Center, Danik is ringing in 2012 with some unbeatable discounts on cosmetic procedures performed by Danik Medical Director H. Michael Bass, M.D., FACS.

Let’s face it. Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever. Furthermore,  that’s as true if you’re looking for a new job, promotion, or boost in professional stature, as it is if you’re pursuing romance, a new mate, or a revived relationship with your lifelong partner.

Is it your sagging breasts, drooping eyelids, double chin, or cellulite-dimpled buttocks that are robbing you of self-confidence? Perhaps the sources of embarrassment are emerging jowls, a growing belly, or a protruding nose made more pronounced with age?

Studies have unequivocally proven that a positive self-image leads to a positive outlook on life, which in turn opens the door to social and professional success. In short, there’s nothing holding you back but you yourself. And now, thanks to Danik’s JANUARY COSMETIC SURGERY SPECIALS, you can easily afford to nip those wrinkles and tuck that tummy as part of your New Year’s resolution to reinvent yourself in 2012.


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