Danik Medspa

Danik Medspa

Danik MedSpa is fully-staffed and specially-equipped to address the unique beauty and health concerns of women and men.

Do your contours do you proud?



If not, you may need a little more on top and a little less down below.

Nothing is more womanly than full breasts, and to accentuate those curves, we recommend a toned, flat abdomen.  Fortunately, both are easily achievable through cosmetic surgery, and Danik is proud to boast a medical director who is also one of South Florida’s preeminent cosmetic surgeons.

Dr. Hal Bass, M.D, FACS offers patients the benefit of years of experience, with areas of specialization that include breast augmentation, tummy tucks, face lifts, swift lifts, eyelid surgery, and liposuction.  Dr. Bass employs state-of-the-art aesthetic techniques, using FDA-approved silicone implants to ensure his breast augmentations maintain their volume, shape and firmness for a lifetime.  Better yet, within days you’ll be back at work, and within weeks you’ll be hitting the gym or your favorite dance club.

Still, to achieve that legendary hourglass effect, a bulging belly just won’t cut it. That’s why medicine invented tummy tucks, and Dr. Bass perfected them.  The removal of excess fat and skin – coupled with the restoration of weakened or separated muscles – will give your abdomen a smoother, firmer profile that reflects the look of youth, fitness and weight loss. You’ll love your new upper and lower proportions, and that will give you the self-confidence necessary to be as bold as you are bodacious.


Combine a breast augmentation and tummy tuck,

and get back liposuction FREE!

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