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Eight Ways to Make it a Great Valentine’s Day


With February 14th looming large, there’s still time to ensure you do it up right. If you think Valentine’s Day is silly, too commercial, or way over-blown, rule #1 is to keep that thought to yourself. In fact, even if your loved one says don’t make a fuss, pretend those words were never spoken. Despite the nay-saying, everyone involved in of a long-term relationship or budding romance wants to be showered with attention on February 14th.

Since poor planning, bad judgment, and procrastination account for most Valentine’s Day disasters, here are eight ways to ensure you won’t be sleeping in the dog house.

1. Make dinner reservations early, and that means now. Otherwise you could be waiting for hours and kicking yourself all the while

2. Forget that last-minute drugstore toiletry set. It bespeaks lack of thought and lack of care.

3. Don’t expect the Hallmark folks to say it for you. Personalize your card, or better yet, write an honest-to-goodness love letter, preferably by hand.

4. Leave the stuffed animals and chocolates back on the shelf. These are both generic gifts that suggest you shopped in haste. As a result, the plush toy will end up in the back of the closet, and the chocolates will find their way to the office break room.

5. Don’t profess your devotion electronically. Emails, texts and Facebook posts just don’t cut it. If you’re going to make a grand gesture, do it in person armed with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers.

6. Ladies, do not buy him novelty ties or sox. Gentlemen, fight the urge to invest in tacky, peek-a-boo lingerie. Instead of being funny or endearing, these gifts will just flop.

7. Be inventive. Make the occasion fun and romantic in a way you’ve never tried before. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you do have to spend considerable time executing an event that says, “There’s nobody like you.”

8. Whether you’re treating her to a candlelit picnic on the beach or taking him out for a movie and billiards – DRESS UP. Slip into your best duds in honor of the occasion and to fan the flames of romance.