Swift Lift

A less invasive way to roll back the clock.



Swift Lift

Thanks to the luck of genetics – combined with good nutrition, regular exercise, and a non-smoking lifestyle – many age better than others. For those in need of a less comprehensive and invasive makeover, the “Swift Lift” may be just what the doctor will order to achieve a youthful, fresh-faced appearance.


Have a cruise coming up or a wedding to attend? Maybe your 20th reunion is just around the corner. Impress your classmates, colleagues, or the decision-makers considering you for a promotion by showing them the visage of a newly rejuvenated and more confident you. This procedure is fast, affordable, and a Swift Lift will have you back in the game before you can say, “Do I look fantastic, or what!”

Recovery After a Swift Lift Surgery:

This procedure is an effective “mini” version of a full facelift that involves smaller incisions and a less invasive approach to the lifting, removal and repositioning of skin and other tissue. Often called a “Weekend Lift,” the procedure leaves patients looking revitalized and youthful while greatly reducing the expense, healing process, and length of time it takes to fully recover.

Prices for Swift Lift:

The all-inclusive cost for swift lift procedures includes:

Surgeon’s Fee
Charge for Outpatient Facility
Local or General Anesthesia
Routine Pre-Op Medical Tests
Routine Post-Op Medications (pain relievers, antibiotics)

NOTE: All expenses associated with your cosmetic procedure will be presented in writing for your approval prior to surgery. Affordable financing is available, and because Danik uses an outpatient facility, we are able to pass on to our surgery patients substantial savings.


Cosmetic Surgeries are performed by
Hal Michael Bass, M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
with over 30 years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Treatment Results

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