Is there any downtime and what is the recovery period like?


FUT Hair Transplantation causes only a minimal disruption of your normal life. Patients can return to work in 1-2 days. At the recipient site, small red scars and thin scabs will form at the bottom of the transplanted follicles. These will last 10-15 days. The redness will fade after the third day. The hair at the donor site will grow long enough to cover the site of extraction by day 10, and the extraction site will appear 100% normal by day 15. The transplantation procedure does not require any long-term post-operative care.

At the donor site, sutures are used to close the wound. Patients may experience some post-surgery pain and itching. An antibiotic and medication for pain will be prescribed as necessary to minimize discomfort and prevent infection. The sutures will then be removed in approximately 14 days, leaving a very thin scar that will fade over time and be covered by all but the shortest haircut.

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