Great News about Dark Chocolate

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Great News about Dark Chocolate

It really is good for you.

With Halloween coming up, that news should have most of you dancing in the streets.  After all, chocolate is a universal favorite, so make it the dark kind and indulge with moderation.

Chocolate: What’s in it for you?

Years of scientific research have confirmed that dark chocolate contains a cornucopia of flavanoids. These are plant-based anti-oxidants also found in red wine, green tea, blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, and the skin of apples.

Anti-oxidant-rich flavanoids promote good health by:

– Fighting inflammation

– Improving cardiovascular function

– Reducing the probabilities of heart disease and stroke

– Reducing and repairing cellular damage to slow the signs of aging

– Reversing and retarding the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s

– Attacking the free radicals that contribute to cancer

Hence, there are some very good reasons to put a one-piece dose of dark chocolate on your daily agenda. But if you over indulge, all the anti-oxidant benefits will be undermined by the sugar, fat and calories.

Weight Loss: The best way to give anti-oxidants a head start.   

Have you packed on some pounds from past Halloweens and holiday indulgences? Speak to a Danik weight-loss professional about some options that are producing amazing results. Danik’s five different HCG Diet programs top the list, allowing patients to lose up to a pound a day, while Lipotropics Injections are effective in taking off up to three pounds a week.

Then, once you’ve dropped the pounds, tone your new contours with a regimen of non-surgical body sculpting at Danik MedSpa. Where else!

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