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Your Non-Invasive Facelift Alternative


What is Ultherapy?
FDA-approved, Ultherapy uses the highly-targeted energy of ultrasound to reach and repair the structural layers of the skin deep below the epidermis. This focused stimulation is especially effective when addressing the lax, hanging skin of neck and chin, as well as the furrowed, frown lines across brow and between eyes.

How does it work?
Reversing the damage done by gravity, sun exposure, and the ravages of time, Ultherapy lifts, tones and tightens, using a quadruple ultrasound imaging process that allows your clinician to actually see beneath the surface of the skin. This enables your practitioner to pinpoint those areas that need the rejuvenation of increased collagen. Renewed collagen production restores the loose skin’s ability to retract, thereby returning facial definition.

Treatment Areas
Ultherapy is most effective when treating the chin, jaw line, neck and forehead.

No Complications; No Downtime
The procedure usually takes 60 minutes, sometimes more. However, after the prescribed number of treatments (based on the severity of the problem), you can expect to see dramatic results without the expense, recovery time or possible complications of cosmetic surgery.

In short, Ultherapy is safe, effective and painless. It is a protocol that repairs from the inside out, capitalizing on the body’s own regenerative capacity. Best of all, the results are long-lasting, and you’ll continue to see improvement months after treatment.