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Healthy Diet: Healthy Smile



You’ve heard the expression, “You are what you eat”. Let’s examine how your teeth, gums and dental heath truly are a reflection of what you consume.

A beautiful smile includes healthy teeth and gums. However gums disease

(Gingivitis and periodontitis) is a bacterial infection that can destroy the tissues and the bone that support the teeth. A well balanced diet including calcium is crucial for healthy bones, teeth and muscles, while vitamin C is important as an antioxidant, to maintain and repair healthy connective tissue and lower the risk of infection.

The firs stage of gum infection is gingivitis. It causes gums to turn red, and to swell and bleed easily. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, research showed that patients who consumed less than the recommended 60 mg of vitamin C a day (about an orange) were at nearly one-and –a half times the risk of developing severe gingivitis as those who consumed three times the recommended daily average. Likewise, it is reported that men and women, especially those in their 20’s and 30th’s who have calcium intakes of fewer than 500 mg were almost twice as likely to have periodontal diseases.

Not only health of our teeth and gums directly affected by what we put in our mouths, so is their color. Tobacco and certain foods and drinks can mark your teeth. Mother nature does, however, provide some help with reversing fresh discoloration, through the cleansing qualities of certain crunchy, raw vegetables. For example, raw celery, carrots, string beans and cauliflower contain cellulose and fiber, which together act as an abrasive to help scrub stains from your teeth after consuming things like coffee, tea, red wine, mustard or blueberries.

Let’s discuss your particular diet, and how to nourish both your body and your smile with healthy nutritional and life style choices.

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