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How to be a “hottie” by Valentine’s Day.


How to be a “hottie” by Valentine’s Day.
Some people have “it,” others don’t. We’re talking about sex appeal, the most powerful yet elusive of personal traits. It’s not about beauty, but it is about style, and it’s the single attribute that instantly makes you the object of desire. So how do men and women cultivate the kind of sex appeal that sends a shiver up the spine? It’s easy if you follow these steps, which are guaranteed to escalate your “hottie” quotient.

#1 – Find your style.
That said, develop you own personal style – whether its jeans, designer casual, or something more formal. Find an appealing look that you can make your own and pull off effortlessly as if looking good in your threads just comes naturally.
#2 – Get in shape.
Guys, you don’t have to have a six pack, and ladies you needn’t have the Pamela Anderson dimensions to look like a lean, outdoorsy guy or gal about town. The fitness, agility, and grace that comes with being in shape is enough to make you feel sexy and look sexy to others.
#3 – Pay attention to grooming.
For guys that means well manicured hair – or a well-maintained shaved head. And make sure the manscaping around the ears, nose and neck are regularly attended to. For ladies, that means hair, makeup and nails that look natural and easy, despite the fact that you just spent two hours in the salon. What’s more, you’ll exude more sex appeal if you go for the good stuff – in clothes, cosmetics, fragrances and accessories. Better to have less but wear it well.
#4 – Learn to listen.
Nothing stimulates the hormones like flirting with someone who really listens and makes intense eye contact. Ask questions and get the object of your flirtatiousness to talk about him- or herself. That way you’ll project the allure of a sensitive, caring companion.
#5 – Be the picture of self-confidence.
Everyone wants to be confident and being with someone who is brings out the backbone in others. Believe that you belong anywhere and with anyone, and those around you will believe it, too.
#6 – Speak softly and carry your composure well.
Subdued tones bring others into your circle. Add to that unflappable grace, and you’ll just naturally become the magnet to which all others are attracted.
#7 – Pursue many interests.
If you want to attract other sought-after hotties, you need to stand out in a crowd by having many interests that others will find interesting. Someone who lives in a vacuum is dull, dull, dull. Pursue hobbies, sports, current affairs, film and music, and you’ll never leave ‘em bored.
#8 – Maintain an aura of mystery.
Don’t where your heart on your sleeve, and initially, do not provide too much information. Also, avoid overexposure at the local hotspots. The surest way to keep your desirability at its peak is to hold a little back for a rainy day.
#9 – Smile.
Nothing’s a bigger downer than someone who appears to be a sourpuss. Even if you’re not, that’s the vibe radiated by a visage that’s humorless. So smile and the world really will smile with you.
#10 – Take chances.
When you do the unexpected or take a giant leap of faith, you ratchet up your own adrenalin level as well as that of those around you. In short, everybody is attracted to the person who pulls off the unexpected with aplomb. Now go out and have a smashing Valentine’s Day!