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How to Lose 4 – 14 Inches in One Hour


How to Lose 4 – 14 Inches in One HourOkay, we agree. The prospect of losing 4 – 14 inches within an hour sounds too good to be true. But in this case, the claim is no exaggeration.

Danik has just introduced an almost miraculous treatment to its roster of weight loss and body sculpting therapies. Our all-new Defining Contour Wrap is based on the same principals employed by physicians to treat such patients as diabetics, who suffer from inhibited lymphatic and circulatory systems. Using all-natural, herbal formulations, the wrap works from the outside in, promoting the elimination of waste products and other toxins. These toxins become trapped in the tissue of vulnerable areas, causing cellulite on hips, thighs and buttocks, as well as flabby upper arms, a spare tire around the waist, and loose abdominal skin.

The intensive waste removal that occurs during this procedure stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage to speed up the tissue cleansing process without dehydrating or aging the skin. Best of all, after just one treatment, the average patient looses up to half a dress or pant size.

Still, the benefits of Danik’s Defining Contour Wrap go well beyond a dramatic loss of inches. They include …

– Fast, permanent weight loss, not just a loss of water weight.
– Cellulite removal, as evidenced by shrinkage and the disappearance of telltale dimples.
– Overall tightening and toning as collagen production restores the skin’s elasticity.
– A marked improvement in muscle definition and body contouring, reflecting vigor and health.

For maximum results, Danik recommends 3–6 treatments spaced at intervals of 4–7 days. However, if the patient is following one of Danik’s SlimMD diet programs, treatments are recommended after each loss of 5–10 lbs.