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How to Make Every Day Valentine’s Day


Yes, Valentine’s Day is THE day designated for grand romantic gestures, particularly if you’ve been neglectful of your partner in recent weeks. Nevertheless, if you really want to keep love alive, instead of just rolling out flowers on February 14th, try incorporating affectionate surprises into your daily routine. It’s the surefire way to keep your partner stimulated and anything but bored. For example …

1) Get touchy-feely. Whenever it’s convenient, reach for your loved one’s hand or slide your arm around his or her waist. You’ll be surprised how quickly the contact will make your own heart race like a school kid’s.
2) Be flirtatious. Give him a quick smooch. Catch her off guard with a fleeting squeeze. Before the two of you go your separate ways for the day, give the other something sexy to think about.
3) Take time to text. Out of nowhere and for no particular reason, send a text of love or lust to spice up the afternoon.
4) Whip out the candles. Nothing makes the ordinary feel extraordinary quite like candles. The flickering glow will set a romantic stage for an evening of television that could turn into something else.
5) Make a date. Choose a definite day and time. Get gussied up. And put forth all the effort you would if this were your very first blind date.
6) Sing his or her praises. Celebrate your beloved’s daily victories to underscore his or her importance in your eyes. If he snags a new client, cook something special for dinner. If her sales trip is a success, greet her with a stuffed animal. Nothing says love like showing you’re a fan.
7) Brag about your other half. Let it be known that he’s great with the kids. Tell the world she’s got style and grace. Reinforce your warm, fuzzy feelings by shouting them out loud.
8) Leave notes. Love notes, that is – on the front door, in the bathroom, and taped to the steering wheel of the car.
9) Set aside time for cuddling. Whether it’s in the morning after the alarm goes off, or at night when you’re tucked in and cozy, hold each other and share some intimate pillow talk.
10) Get gifty. When he or she least expects it, leave a surprise gift in a special spot. It could be something simple, or silly or extravagant, as long as it says, “You’re the best!”