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How to succeed at weight loss once and for all.


How to succeed at weight loss once and for all. 

Being overweight is not merely aesthetically unappealing. It can also be very dangerous to your health. So if your doctor advises you to shed some pounds, that’s not just idle chatter. Still, weight loss is never easy. Initiative, planning and sacrifice are always involved. Hence, you don’t want your efforts to come to naught, so here are some tips for success.

#1) Don’t embark on a weight-loss program if you’re not committed. Otherwise you’ll stick with it for a couple of days or weeks. However, as soon as the going gets tougher – or you reach a plateau – you’ll call it quits.

#2) Proceed with a proven program.  Sure there are crazy fad diets out there, like the Cabbage Soup Diet and Cookie Diet that make promising claims. But for best results, find a tried-and-true regimen like the HCG Diet, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers. All promote healthy, long-term weight loss augmented by exercise. And all train clients to make the healthy lifestyle choices that will keep weight off.

#3) Keep a daily food diary.  Be sure to list everything you eat all day (meals, snacks, beverages), and include portion sizes. How can you keep track of exactly how much you’re eating if you don’t maintain a record to review daily.

#4) Keep an exercise diary. Include time spent at the gym, walking, jogging, or engaging in your favorite sport. Better yet, when driving about town, don’t park near your destination’s entrance. Instead, give yourself a walk.

#5) Have the right foods handy.  Whether your diet calls for lean protein, veggies, nuts and seeds, fresh fruits or plenty of non-fat yogurt, have these foods handy so that when hunger hits, you’re not tempted to grab some fast food. In fact, pack a bag of appropriate nibbles, and take it with you so that you’re never hungry enough to eat a horse.

#6) Clear out the wrong foods. That’s right! Give them away or stow them where they’re not accessible. If you have family, this will also point them in the direction of health and good nutrition.

#7) Set realistic goals. Otherwise you’ll give up the minute you fall short. Some protocols, like the HCG Diet, are designed to deliver speedy results, while others help shed pounds more slowly. Whichever program you choose, everyone’s body responds differently to diet plans, so don’t compare your results to anyone else’s.

#8) Don’t go it alone. Whether you’re dieting with a friend or seeking encouragement via an online chat room, create a support system to help stay committed and on-track.

#9) Always be mindful of what you’re eating. In other words, don’t aimlessly reach for sodas and munchies with the attitude that they don’t count. THEY DO. And the fat, sugar, sodium and preservatives do not promote weight loss.

#10) Don’t weigh yourself constantly. Every few days will do. It takes time for the body to adjust to a new diet and exercise regimen, so don’t expect instant gratification, or you may wind up frustrated after only a few days.


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