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How to Winter-Proof your Skin


Here in South Florida, we just had our first taste of cooler temperatures. It only dipped into the 60s, but for some that’s enough to trigger the onset of winter skin. It’s important to note that dry, scaly skin is as unhealthy as it is irritating and unattractive. The skin’s moisture provides a barrier that protects us against infectious bacteria, viruses and fungi, so without that moisture, we are more vulnerable to disease.

Aging Effects of Dry Skin
Lipids are the oily substances produced by the epidermis to contain moisture. In the absence of sufficient lipids, water escapes the skin’s outer layer and evaporates to cause dryness. This condition increases with age, because cells don’t turn over as fast, allowing thick patches of dry skin to form. It’s a cycle that accelerates the emergence of sags and wrinkles as the skin increasingly loses its elasticity.

The Damage Wrought by Winter
Many factors contribute to dry skin, including age, genetic predispositions, smoking, alcohol consumption, irritating soaps, select medications, and chronic health conditions. Nevertheless, when the mercury dips, it’s the weather’s impact that we feel most. Furthermore, the time to guard against the itching, cracking and flaking is before temperatures nosedive.

Here’s what to do.

Skin Care Regimen – Reduce facial cleansing to nights only, and exfoliate face and body just once a week. Also avoid any skin care products with alcohol, and cleanse with water that is lukewarm to cold.

Showering – Take lukewarm or cool showers of five minutes or less. If you’re hooked on baths, add bath oil to the water. Also use a mild, all-natural, moisturizing bath wash. And here’s a tip, pour some colloidal oatmeal into the water to ward off chapped skin.

Hydrate – Drink plenty of water – all day, every day.

Moisturize – Be vigilant about using moisturizers on your face and body. Additionally, to correct and prevent skin damage, we recommend the following SkinCeuticals products: Body Retexturing Treatment; Neck, Chest & Hand Repair, and Body Tightening Concentrate.

White Cotton Gloves – Wear them at night over richly moisturized hands.

Humidifier – Try one in your bedroom, and be sure to keeping it clean.

Dress Defensively – That means no wool or irritating fabrics, plus gloves (preferably leather), cotton socks, and cotton or silk scarves that don’t cause a rash.

Moisturizing Lipstick or Lip Balm – Put it in your purse or pocket, and always have it handy.

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