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Introducing Picolaser Laser for Tattoo Removal


For those patients wishing to rid themselves of unwanted tattoos, Danik MedSpa offers Picolaser tattoo removal near Miami. This innovative procedure utilizes PressureWave technology to ease the tattoo removal process for patients with minimized pain and increase the effectiveness of removal. To learn more about the Picolaser tattoo removal procedure and whether it is right for you, visit the Danik MedSpa website or call us to schedule an appointment with a clinician.


What Does it Do?


The Picolaser laser diminishes the appearance of a tattoo on the skin’s surface by shattering the particles of ink so that the body may remove them naturally. It is the only laser of its kind that uses PressureWave technology to deliver pulses to the skin for the tattoo’s removal. As such, Picolaser tattoo removal can typically require fewer sessions than a regular laser tattoo removal.

The laser is so effective that it works not only on multicolored tattoos, but on stubborn black ink and tattoos that have previously been treated by other lasers where the ink was unable to be thoroughly removed. Your clinician can advise you about how well the Picolaser laser will work on you


How Does Picolaser Tattoo Removal Work?


One thing that people often confuse about tattoo removal is that the laser itself removes the appearance of the tattoo. This, however, is not the case. Rather, your body is the one responsible for naturally removing the ink from the skin. What the laser does is break down the particles of the ink with energetic pulses. These pulses diminish the size of the ink particles to a fraction of their size—almost dust sized. This allows them to be small enough for your body to absorb them and then they are removed organically through the lymphatic system.


Because this procedure utilizes the body’s natural processes, it can remove the tattoo more effectively than other methods and with minimal scarring. It also decreases the chances of infection and eliminates the need for surgical methods.


What Should You Expect?


The procedure has been described as similar to the actual tattooing process. That is, while other tattoo removal procedures may cause pain due to the method used for removal, the Picolaser tattoo removal process causes only discomfort. The procedure is usually very quickly done, with larger tattoos taking a bit more time than smaller ones.


You will be required to follow an after-care process in order to ensure the effectiveness of the procedure and to decrease your chances of infection. Your clinician will cover these steps with you, but they typically consist of a healing ointment and bandaging applied to the treatment area.


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If you are interested in learning more about the Picolaser laser and the tattoo removal process, contact Danik MedSpa. With our convenient location near Miami in Pembroke Pines, you have access to a highly trained clinician right near your home. Contact us today and get the answers you need to begin the tattoo removal process.