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Danik MedSpa is fully-staffed and specially-equipped to address the unique beauty and health concerns of women and men.

Put some sexy in your summer.


Put some sexy in your summer.

It all starts with a beach- and boat-ready bod.  So if you want to capitalize on summer’s come-as-you-are lifestyle, prepare now by getting back into shape.

First, however, let’s put your body-image into perspective. According to 2012 statistics, 8 out 10 women are not happy with what they see from the neck down. Still, that number takes a backseat to the statistics for men, which show that 80.7% of American males are dissatisfied with their body.

Are you being held back by poor body image? If so, Summer 2012 is the time to turn your life around! Danik has an arsenal full of weapons designed to blast that fat and cellulite. And what exactly is the difference between fat and cellulite anyway?

Fat cells, also known as adipocytes, are connective tissue cells that specialize in the manufacture and storage of fat. Cellulite, a specific form of subcutaneous fat, refers to a visible condition on the skin’s surface, a lumpy or dimpled appearance that is sometimes compared to an orange peel or cottage cheese. Cellulite is deposited just below the surface of the skin around the hips, thighs and buttocks, and unfortunately, it is stubborn and often resistant to both diet and exercise.

Body fat and cellulite have to be addressed differently, and that’s why Danik offers body sculpting packages customized to target specific areas in the most effective way. For example, Mesotherapy addresses localized cellulite via micro-injections of medicines, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Alternatively, Ultrasound Cavitation takes aim at adipose cells that store fat in the sub-dermal layer. This protocol involves exposing these cells to radio frequency waves that break them down without impacting surrounding tissue.

The bottom line: This year, you can opt to do summer in a kaftan or a string bikini. It’s your choice, so give it some thought. And if you want to know more, call the professionals at Danik.

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