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Sneaky Snacks and how to watch your weight



Sneaky Snacks and how to watch your weight

Of the 200 or so eating decisions we make every day, many fall into the “mindless margin,” or that 100-ish calorie area where you could over- or under-eat without impacting whether you feel full or hungry. Eating 100 extra calories every day can lead to a 10-pound weight gain over the course of a year!

So are you eating more sneaky calories than you realize?
Read on to see what you could be doing wrong and how you can fix it:

* There are 120 calories in your OJ. Orange juice isn’t necessarily bad for you, but you’ll get better nutritional value with one orange and a slice of toasted whole wheat bread.

* There are 120 calories in a bite of the apple pie crust your grandma made. Leave the pie intact, and eat one cup of sliced apples (remember the skin of the apple holds the most vitamins!) and two reduced-fat vanilla cookies as a treat.

* There are 150 calories in a few handfuls of barbecue chips. Ditch the chips and enjoy one cup of cherry tomatoes and four tablespoons of hummus instead.

* There are 130 calories in a couple bites from a pancake with syrup. For the same amount of calories, you could eat a packet of Quaker instant plain oatmeal and a half-cup of sliced strawberries and stay fuller longer.

So just remember: a couple bites and nibbles here and there can cause more weight gain than you think! Remember that next time you feel the need to “clean” your husbands plate.

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