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Comparing Laser vs Sclerotherapy for Vein Removal


If you have been wondering what the possible differences are between laser and sclerotherapies for spider vein removal, contact us at Danik MedSpa near Broward County to speak to a trained clinician about which therapy would work best for you. While both therapies have their own benefits, which one will be more suitable for you will depend on the type of vein as well as your skin type and a variety of other factors. Call us today or visit our website to learn more about spider vein removal therapies we offer.

Spider Vein Removal Through Laser Therapy


Laser therapy works by emitting a concentrated beam of light at your spider vein. The vein becomes damaged from the laser which causes scar tissue to form. The scar tissue then closes off the vein. Because there is no source of blood to the vein, the vein dies. The body then absorbs the vein naturally and it disappears completely.


More than one treatment session is usually needed achieve fully vein-free skin, but sessions are typically 6 weeks apart. This type of procedure is normally ideal for those who struggle with spider veins in their face or have spider veins so small that they cannot be injected. Because the therapy requires no needles and is nonsurgical, it is noninvasive and entirely effective. The procedure will not, however, stop new spider veins from arising.




Sclerotherapy is different from laser therapy in that, rather than using light or energy, you are injected with a sclero or saline solution at the problem site. This solution then causes the vein to scar and collapse. The blood then reroutes to healthy veins, leaving the collapsed vein to be absorbed into the tissue and fade away.


As with laser therapy, sclerotherapy usually require more than one session to achieve the best results. These treatments are 30 to 60 minutes long and only cause minimal and manageable discomfort. Like laser therapy, sclerotherapy will not stop new spider veins from forming. Sclerotherapy may be better for patient with skin type IV or greater. However, if you are allergic to the sclerosant chemical used in sclerotherapy, you may need to opt for laser therapy instead.


Which One is Right for You?


Both procedures are effective in spider vein removal and both require no surgery and are minimally invasive. That said, there are factors that could affect which procedure would be best for you. The best way to ensure you are receiving the optimum procedure for your condition is to speak to trained clinician. At Danik MedSpa, you can schedule an appointment and discuss your medical history and vein concerns with a medical practitioner.


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Spider vein removal does not, by any stretch of the imagination, have to be a difficult, time-consuming procedure. In fact, there a few nonsurgical, minimally invasive options that will save you time, pain, and trips to a hospital. We at Danik MedSpa near Broward County strive to be a clinic that provides the best and most innovative procedures for our patients, so contact us today to learn more about the laser and sclerotherapy options for your spider veins.