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How to Survive the Holidays without Tipping the Scale


How to Survive the Holidays without Tipping the Scale

The holiday season marks the beginning of an extended period of celebration. That’s code for nonstop revelry revolving around family feasts, corporate buffets, happy hour hors d’oeuvres, and casual potlucks.

Yes, you can swear this year will be different. But when the desserts, cheese platters and eggnog beckon, you’ll be hard pressed to maintain your will power. Need some tips on how to make it through the holidays without packing on the pounds? We’ve got eight for you, and on January 2 when you step on the scale, you can thank us for saving you from the slippery slope.

1) Limit your alcohol intake. First, alcohol is loaded with calories. Second, it slows down your metabolism. And third, it flushes willpower right down the drain.

#2) Turn your back on workplace goodies. True, they’re everywhere, but be selective. Go for fruit and veggies with low-cal dip. Meanwhile, avoid desserts, cheesy casseroles, fatty meats, fried snacks, and fattening punches.

#3) Keep your various spaces (home, office, car) stocked with 100-calorie snack packs. That way, when you’re tempted, you’ll have a handy substitute for the fattening stuff.

#4) At parties, do not station yourself in the kitchen, at the buffet table, or around the bar. Better yet, eat something healthy before you arrive so you won’t be ravenous. Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to arrive armed with a non-fattening dish that you can share with other calorie-counters.

#5) Make smart swap-outs. Instead of the cheesy mashed potatoes, have simple green beans or broccoli. And if you must have dessert, make that your main course and forego the rib roast or deep-fried turkey.

#6) When the hostess asks who wants a “doggie” bag, just say no. Otherwise it’s a sure bet that you’ll be digging into that bag the minute you get home.

#7) Pick up the pace. To burn up the extra calories you’re consuming, add an additional mile to your walk or another 20 minutes to your workout.

#8) Share, share, share. Having dessert? Share it. Reaching for a cookie? Break it in half and split it with your other half.