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The Exilis in the Real World



We have been talking about the Exilis and raving about the benefits of the technology.
Why not listen to what others have to say about it?

“There are a number of non-invasive skin tightening and fat reduction technologies available. Exilis is nice in that it’s inexpensive, it’s effective, it doesn’t hurt and patients appreciate the fact that it’s nearly painless, it feels like a warm massage. I’m very impressed with Exilis with it’s capability to treat a wide range of patients. Everybody is looking for safe, effective, inexpensive non-surgical skin treatments and body contouring so this is where Exilis excels.”
– Dr. Grant Stevens, American Health and Beauty

“It used to be that surgery was the only way to reduce unwanted fat on the body. But Exilis allows us to change the body’s shape without any of the pain and weeks of downtime associated with liposuction. After an Exilis treatment, our patients can immediately return to their normal activities.”
– Dr. Mark A. Erlich, founder and director of Profiles & Contours, New York Plastic Surgery

“It is not a procedure that the physician has to perform. It is very easy to use and it is very easy to learn how to use. I’m seeing noticeable results after one session versus other technologies where you have to wait. Results are maintainable. Compared to competing devices, Exilis treatment is also less painful and quicker.”
– Dr. Lisa A. Zdinak, Precision Aesthetics

“Treatment is extremely affordable for most patients, given the results. Overall, my patients and staff alike are excited about the device’s technology and the results.”
– Dr. Patricia Wexler, Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

“Results are amazing. In fact, Exilis is probably the most pleasant surprise device I’ve ever had. I was amazed at the reduction in some very coarse elastotic rhytides on the face and tightening of neck skin.“
– Dr. David B. Vasily, Dermatologist, Director, Aesthetica Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center

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