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We’ve all heard about this diet, but most don’t believe it. “30 pounds in 30 days? Is that real?” – well, yes! As long as you stick to the HCG rules, you’ll be throwing out old clothes and buying new ones in as little as one week. Still don’t believe it? Well, fine. Let me prove it.

Let’s start with what the HCG hormone really is.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin. This hormone is produced naturally in women’s bodies when they are on their cycle or pregnant. Some men get freaked out by the idea of putting this into their bodies, but it’s clinically proven that it is safe for both genders and also effective in weight loss. And women- it’s not going to make your period come sooner or make you more susceptible to getting pregnant.

So you ask yourself, how does this work?

The HCG hormone works hand in hand with the 500 calorie diet. And it works like this:

You can only eat 500 calories a day. And some say, “How can you survive?” Well actually, that’s where the HCG kicks in. The hormone reduces your appetite, making it easier to ignore cravings and therefore eat less. It also tells your body to burn your stored fat for energy, rather than the fat from places that your body needs.

“What can I expect during the diet?”

Some people get fatigued and feel exhausted. To avoid this, it is recommended to drink loads of water, as well as take vitamin B12 shots (which, fortunately, Danik includes in their HCG program.)

But on a brighter note, you can expect to lose 1 to 3 pounds a day and feel great in your own skin. Who wouldn’t want that?


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