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The nose knows.


The nose knows.

Rhinoplasty … it sounds ominous, but rest assured, it’s not. That’s especially true when you put your nose in the capable hands of Dr. Hal Bass, Danik’s medical director and esteemed resident plastic surgeon.

Is your nose:

  • Disfigured by a Pronounced Bump
  • Too Large or Too Small for Your Face
  • Crooked or Off-Center
  • Bulbous on the Tip
  • Severely Hooked
  • Excessively Flared
  • Flattened or Asymmetrical from a Bad Break

There are dozens of ways in which your most prominent facial feature can detract from the beauty of your visage.  But in almost every case, cosmetic surgery can make a world of difference without robbing your face of its unique character or ethnicity.

Rhinoplasty is also routinely coupled with facelifts in order to turn back the hands of time.  Indeed, while the nose may appear to grow as we age, what you’re actually seeing is a deepening of the nasal-labial folds, coupled with elongation attributable to the pull of gravity and the skin’s loss of elasticity.  As a result, as we age, the nose appears to grow larger and more hooked.

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good.  Your nose can readily be reshaped.  And in South Florida, Dr. Hall Bass is universally considered one of the best cosmetic surgeons for the job.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Bass performs all his surgeries in a fully-equipped and licensed outpatient facility, which ensures patients top-quality care at significant cost savings.


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