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The Secret to Defeating Dry Skin


The Secret to Defeating Dry SkinMany factors can lead to dry skin. These include medical conditions, medications, extreme temperatures, a dry environment, and aging. Nevertheless, the number one culprit is neglect. Skin requires constant attention. So make this the day you introduce a daily skincare regimen that will help your skin look smooth and supple for decades to come.

* Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (sardines, salmon). These support your skin’s ability to retain moisture.
* Similarly, treat yourself generously to antioxidants (colorful fruits and veggies). Antioxidants fight oxidation, which causes the deterioration of skin cells.
* Avoid cigarettes and alcohol (antioxidant-rich red wine allowed in moderation).
* Exercise to crank up the blood flow to skin cells to keep them well nourished.

* Be careful about what you put on your skin. Choose creams and serums that are made from natural ingredients and enriched with vitamins, minerals, and proteins.
* Look for such ingredients as Ceramides, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Lanolin and Mineral Oil, which help skin retain moisture.
* Drink water in abundance.
* Visit a licensed aesthetician monthly for a rejuvenating facial.

* Use exfoliants with Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Retinol to accelerate collagen production and speed up the natural turnover of skin cells.
* Choose professionally-administered microdermasion to abrade dead skin cells, smooth the epidermis, and remove facial blemishes and imperfections.


* Take cool baths and showers of no more than 5-10 minutes to avoid stripping the skin of moisture-retaining oils.
* Moisturize after bathing while the skin is still wet to lock in moisture.
* Wear cotton, linen and other natural fibers that are non-irritating, absorb moisture, and allow skin to breathe.
* Use a humidifier during the winter to avoid itchy “winter skin.”
* Use a broad spectrum sunblock daily with SPF 30+ UV protection.