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The Secret to Selecting the Right Weight-Loss Program


The Secret to Selecting the Right Weight-Loss ProgramYou’ve taken the first step by resolving to lose those extra pounds. You’re ready to face up to the fact that excess body fat is unhealthy and unattractive. Plus, there’s a designer wardrobe in your closet you’d love to wear again. That means you better get into a weight-loss program pronto while your New Years motivation is high. But what program to choose?

One protocol is based on eating prepared, calorie-restricted meals. Another revolves around meal-replacement protein drinks. There are appetite-suppressant, low-carb and grapefruit diets, plus programs that advocate specific food combinations, fat-burning injections, and a daily dose of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Still, other weight-loss therapies are tied to lifestyle counseling, as well as body composition, blood type and DNA analysis. Therefore, you need to do your homework before making a commitment.

The bottom line: One protocol does not work for everyone. In fact, the more customized the weight-loss therapy, the more likely you’ll reach your goal. Thus, it only makes sense to seek help at a medically-supervised clinic where multiple options are offered that address the following:

• Lifestyle
• Eating Disorders & Food Addiction
• Self-Esteem Issues
• Individualized Weight Loss
• Post-Treatment Weight Maintenance
• Ongoing Weight Management
• Post-Therapy Toning and Contouring

Danik MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery is just such a clinic. Under the mantle of SlimMD, we now offer a complete range of weight-loss options that address all of the above via an innovative, 5-phase approach. SlimMD is all about choice, flexibility and personalized treatment plans, so check it out. And be sure to return to our site often to see what’s new and exciting at SlimMD.