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The Truth about Beauty Sleep


The Truth about Beauty SleepYour he-man husband may joke about getting his beauty sleep. Nevertheless, medical researchers have found that beauty sleep is no joke. Nor is it a myth.

Fact: Sleep deprivation can take a huge toll on one’s appearance as well as one’s health.
Individuals who consistently skimp on their sleep look tired, stressed, and unhealthy the next day. But the physiological harm done becomes even more apparent when lack of sleep becomes a way of life. How many hours do we need? Enough to arise feeling bright-eyed, refreshed, and ready to seize the day. For some that’s 7 hours; for others it’s 8. Your own internal clock will adjust to your needs.

What happens when we sleep?
During sleep the skin and every other organ of the body shifts into rejuvenation mode. Cells repair themselves, particularly skin cells, where new cells replace old cells while collagen and elastin production speeds up to restores the skin’s tone, color and texture. Sleep also promotes certain hormonal and metabolic functions which are interrupted when we’re robbed of 7 to 8 solid hours. Even worse, chronic sleeplessness can pave the way to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and depression. So to look and perform your best, take your beauty sleep seriously.

Tips for Getting Better Beauty Sleep
1) Establish a nightly pre-sleep ritual for unwinding.
2) Go to bed and get up at the same time daily to establish a consistent sleep “habit.”
3) Sleep on your back rather than your stomach to stave off pillow wrinkles.
4) Keep a glass of water on the nightstand to avoid a wake-up trek to the kitchen.