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Top 10 Holiday Beauty Tips


‘Tis the season to eat, drink, dress up, and make merry. But all that partying can take a toll on your appearance and stamina. Thank goodness we’ve got some great tips that will have you looking and feeling like a million through the last strains of Auld Lang Syne.

Tired, Blood-Shot Eyes: These are the result of sleep deprivation and heavy cocktailing. To bring the twinkle back, try a cold compress for 10 minutes.

Puffy, Swollen Face: Aggravated by the combination of alcohol and over-salted party foods, your best bet is to sleep with your head well elevated to keep fluids from pooling around your eyes and cheeks.

Fried, Lifeless Hair: Attribute this to the over-use of shampoos, hair dyes, styling gels and hair sprays, all of which rob tresses of their body and shine. Revive those locks with deep conditioning and don’t over-coif.

Tired, Swollen Feet: If you shop till you drop, your dogs will start to bark. Give them some TLC with an alternating hot-and-cold foot bath, and sprinkle the water generously with sea salt to bring down the swelling. Then massage with a peppermint foot lotion to moisturize and deodorize.

Hangovers: Avoid them by alternating each cocktail with a full glass of water. But if you do overindulge, knock back as much water as you can before bed. (Yes, a hair of the dog will cure you the next morning, but only temporarily.)

Weight Gain: You don’t have to pack on the pounds if you try a few tricks. Eat something healthy before you go out. Station yourself far away from the hors d’oeuvre table. And trade off calories, i.e. if you’re going to be dining out for dinner, have a very light lunch.

Party Dress: You’ll want to look smashing at every event you attend, but uncomfortable clothes can sabotage your good time. Hence, don’t don anything that can lead to a wardrobe malfunction, and if you’re going to make your entrance in platform stilettos, be sure to have backup shoes in the car.

Makeup: For the holidays, accessorize with scarves and jewelry! Wearing red? Ramp up your glam quotient with red lipstick, and brighten up your complexion with some bronzer (but not too dark).

Good Health: You can maintain yours by politely keeping your distance from friends and colleagues with colds or the flu. Also wash your hands and then wash them some more. And don’t neglect your
daily dose of fresh fruits and veggies.

Exercise Finally, stick to your daily exercise regimen as much as possible to stave off weight gain and maintain your holiday good cheer.