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What’s your Skin Carotenoid Score?


What’s your Skin Carotenoid Score?

Carotenoids are natural substances produced by plants. To date, over 600 carotenoids have been identified, and you need to be aware of them because they play a vital role in promoting anti-aging, longevity, and optimal health.

We all know that antioxidants reverse the aging affects of free radicals, and carotenoids are rich in antioxidants. Therefore, it only makes sense that we find out what our Skin Carotenoid Score is in order to see how many antioxidants we’re consuming, how many we should be consuming and how we can retain our youth and health.

How do you know your supplements are working?

Pharmanex is the only nutritional supplement company that can provide you with an immediate way to determine your antioxidant status and, thus, the efficacy of your health regimen, diet, and supplement intake. When you know your SCS, you can start taking steps to improve it. Begin by eating right, exercising, and eliminating unhealthy habits. Then to ramp up your score even faster, augment your diet with SCS-certified supplements like LifePak Nano and G3 Superfruit Blend. Both provide the intensive antioxidant therapy your body needs to turn back the clock.

In addition to helping you look your best, Pharmanex is committed to enhancing the way you feel by offering a complete approach to anti-aging with nutritional supplements formulated to nourish and protect your body. With more than 75 dedicated scientists on staff and affiliations with scientific institutions around the world, the company’s research and development engine produces proprietary products that set new anti-aging industry standards.

Benefits of LifePak Nano:

•   Nourishes and protects cells, tissues, and organs.
•   Superior bioavailability with CR-6 LipoNutrients™.
•   Advanced anti-aging formula helps protect the body.
•   Helps maintain normal inflammatory responses.
•   Feeds and helps protect the brain with DHA and EPA.
•   Offers superior DNA protection against damaging free radicals.
•   Protects cell health with an antioxidant defense network.
•   Helps protect cardiovascular health.
•   Provides comprehensive bone nutrition support.
•   Promotes healthy immune function.
•   Supports normal blood sugar metabolism.
•   Corrects nutritional deficiencies.

Benefits of G3 Superfruit Blend

•   Lipocartenes in G3 make antioxidants easier to absorb.
•   Helps rejuvenate cellular function.
•   Promotes a healthy immune system.
•   Supports eye, vascular, and prostate health.
•   Supplies a wealth of antioxidants that help protect DNA.
•   Helps support cellular rejuvenation.
•   Catalytically increases the body’s production of SOD.
•   Slows the common effects of aging.
•   Fortifies antioxidant defenses against free radical damage.
•   Supports healthy immune function.

To learn more, R.S.V.P. for Danik’s “Back to Beauty” event on Thursday, September 6th. Take the opportunity to be scanned by professionals who will tell you what your Skin Carotenoid Score is, what those results mean,  and how to hold onto your youth into your ‘70s, ‘80s and beyond.