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10 Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon


10 Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic SurgeonWith today’s advances in medical aesthetics and technology, cosmetic surgery is safer and more effective than ever before. From rhinoplasty and facelifts to tummy tucks and breast augmentations, these days the appearance you’ve dreamed of is just a surgery away. Nevertheless, to ensure the safety of the procedure and the quality of the results, here are 10 questions you should ask your surgeon.

1) Are you board-certified? (Yes is the correct answer because that means your surgeon has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) based on the completion of 6–9 years of specialized training.)

2) Do you have operating privileges for this procedure? (Again, an affirmative answer ensures that your surgeon is recognized for expertise performing the procedure.)

3) Do you perform operations in an accredited ambulatory facility? (Doing so gives patients the security of a backup staff and all necessary equipment should a life-threatening situation arise.)

4) How extensive is your experience with this procedure? (When checking this out, ask about frequency and the results achieved.)

5) Could you explain the pros and cons of this procedure related to the results I want? (It is imperative that you know why your physician is recommending this approach as opposed to another. You must also know about any risks or possible complications.)

6) Could you walk me through the procedure, including the pre- and post-surgery protocols. (Don’t forget this. You need to know everything about preparing for the procedure and recovering from it.)

7) Do you use a certified anesthetist? (Be sure to bring this up, because only a certified anesthetist has the highest level of training and experience.)

8) Do you have before and after photos of this procedure? (To confirm the results claimed by your surgeon, reviewing patient photos is a must.)

9) Could you run through all the costs involved? (They will include the surgeon’s fee, operating facility, lab work, medications, the anesthetist’s fee, and possibly a recovery overnight in the hospital.)

10) Could I call some of your patients who’ve had this procedure? (Getting feedback directly from those who’ve gone through the procedure is essential to the decision-making process.)