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10 Tips for Great-Looking Legs


f10 Tips for Great-Looking LegsNothing turns heads like a knock-out pair of legs. Best of all, every gal can improve the appearance of hers by taking a cue from the tips below.

1) Keep those gams hair-free. Laser Hair Removal is your best option in this department. Your skin coloring and the color and texture of your hair will determine how many treatments you’ll need, but this is a permanent solution that will make razors, waxing and depilatory creams a thing of the past.

2) Exfoliate daily. Use a good scrub to slough off dead cells and stimulate blood flow. Doing so will give your legs a healthy, well-nourished glow.

3) Moisturize day and night. Ongoing hydration will keep those gorgeous appendages smooth, soft, and free of flakes.

4) Be careful. You only get one pair of legs in your lifetime. If you bang up your shins and scrape your knees, the scars left behind will be permanent.

5) Spray on leg makeup. This is only a temporary fix for covering up veins and bruises, but it will do the trick in a pinch.

6) Consider varicose and spider vein removal. For a permanent solution to those ugly veins, there are a number of safe and effective treatment options, including Sclerotherapy, as well as Radiofrequency and Laser Ablation.

7) Exercise your leg muscles. For well-turned ankles, shapely calves and firm inner and outer thighs, nothing tones and contours like a vigorous workout. We particularly recommend jogging, biking, swimming, walking, jazzercise, stair climbing, and weight training.

8) Sculpting those stems. If you’re not into working up a sweat or simply don’t have the time, ask your medspa clinician about body sculpting treatments specifically designed to tone and contour the legs.

9) Give your legs a golden glow. There are risks associated with sunbathing and tanning beds, so we suggested an all-natural, vitamin-rich self-tanning product recommended by your local medspa.

10) Flatter your legs with the right wardrobe. A high heel will accentuate your thigh and calf muscles, and a flirty skirt will complete the look. However, if you’re wearing slacks, ankle-length is the way to go, coupled with shoes of the same color to make your legs look inches longer.

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