Cash in on Danik Daily Deals

  Come and get ‘em … DANIK DEALS! They’re posted on the second Monday of every month.  You’ll find them flashing across our homepage, but we also send out an email alert. So make sure you’re in the-know:  SignUp for Danik Deals. Each Danik Deals is available for 10 days only, exclusively through our website. They’re […]

Stand More; Sit Less.

It’s literally a matter of life and death. Fact: Sitting too much is detrimental to your health, so much so that it can contribute to obesity, heart attack, stroke, lung disease, cancer, osteoporosis and joint problems. According to the Miami Herald, “A study conducted by the American Cancer Society, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology […]

The Natural Look is Back for Fall

Say goodbye to heavy eyeliner and mascara, and stow away those outrageous lipsticks and nail polishes. This autumn, soft colors are de rigueur, and over-the-top is definitely out. In fact, according to the fashion trendsetters, we’ll all be choosing light, skin-toned makeup, coupled with minimalist accents, such as neutral powders complemented by lipstick and blush […]