How Does Coolsculpting Work?

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Body sculpting is a revolutionary new sector of procedures offered by Danik MedSpa in Palm Beach County to promote fat reduction in the body. However, how do these procedures even work? Is CoolSculpting, a well known procedure among the many available, truly the best or are there alternatives? To answer these questions, let’s first take a look at CoolSculpting in detail. If you have further questions about body sculpting and would like to learn more about the alternative procedures to CoolSculpting that Danik MedSpa offers, contact us or visit our website.


How CoolSculpting Works


CoolSculpting began as an idea based off the observation that some scientists at Harvard University had watching children eat popsicles. They found that the children developed dimples in their cheeks as a result of eating the popsicles. These scientists then concluded that this effect was occurring because the cold of the popsicles was freezing the fat cells in the cheeks and eliminating them.


From this idea grew the concept of CoolSculpting. The procedure targets fat cells in the specified areas and freezes them. The cells die and your body sloughs them off naturally over time, leaving you slimmer.


What to Expect


In your first visit, you will discuss with a clinician what your goals are for reshaping your body and together you will decide what areas to target for the procedure. With that information, you will be able to know how many visits it will take to get your body to where you want it to be. Some people may find they only need one visit to get the shape they want for themselves while others may need multiple visits to target many different areas.


On the actual day of your procedure, the clinician will use a gel pad and applicator to provide cooling to the agreed upon areas. It is not a surgery so you will not have to receive any anesthesia and will be able to relax during the procedure, even reading a book or taking a nap.


While some patients may see results from their CoolSculpting procedure as early as three weeks after receiving it, most people see the most dramatic and positive results anywhere from one month to three months after.


Fat Reduction vs. Weight Loss


People may often mistakenly believe that CoolSculpting is a replacement for weight loss. However, it is critical for potential patients to understand the difference between fat reduction and weight loss. With body sculpting treatments like CoolSculpting, you are changing the number of fat cells in your body. As we age, the number of fat cells in our body settles and does not change. That is why when we try to lose weight, we are not reducing the actual number of fat cells; in reality, we are reducing the size of the already existing fat cells.


Fat reduction procedures, however, do reduce the number of fat cells. This means that those cells die off entirely rather simply shrinking. That is why these procedures ensure that the cells do not migrate to another part of the body and that the fat is gone for good.


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CoolSculpting is not the only body sculpting procedure available. In fact, there are a number of alternative nonsurgical body sculpting procedures that you can benefit from. At Danik MedSpa, we offer a number of these procedures, such as the Venus Legacy or Carboxytherapy treatments. Conveniently located in Palm Beach County, Danik MedSpa is a clinic committed to helping our patients realize their ideal body. Contact us today to learn more about our procedures and to schedule an appointment with a clinician.

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