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Ten Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season


We all know the holidays are fraught with temptation, from office treats to at-home gatherings that revolve around food and drink. Need some survival tips? Follow the recommendations below to make it through the season with your weight, health and sanity intact.

#1) Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to overindulge. Remember that there’s a price to pay for abandoning moderation.

#2) Heading to a party? Have a healthy meal before you leave so that hunger doesn’t drive you to the buffet table.

#3) Speaking of buffets, don’t linger in the area. Fill a small plate with a couple of favorite items. Then head for the nearest conversation to avoid mindless “picking”.

#4) Have a glass of water after every cocktail consumed to stay sober and aware of how much you’re nibbling.

#5) Bring healthy snacks along when running errands or shopping so that you aren’t tempted to find the closest fast food chain.

#6) Despite guests and social obligations, adhere to your regular exercise routine to relieve stress, consume calories, and boost energy.

#7) When you overdue the homemade brownies at lunch, don’t make that a license to “blow” the rest of the day. Compensate by having something light for dinner to bring the day’s calorie count back to normal.

#8) When dining out, be mindful of what you order and how it’s prepared. Ask for light oil, no butter, and if everyone’s sharing, go for the veggies and fruit, but say no to the sauces, starches and desserts.

#9) Get plenty of sleep. If the cocktails and late nights result in sleep deprivation, the resulting fatigue will slow your metabolism even as it prompts you to reach for fattening snacks.

#10) Finally, if you’re out shopping, park a healthy distance from the store entrance. Walking is good exercise, so get in as many steps as you can.