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Tips for Getting Back into Shape after Pregnancy


Tips for Getting Back into Shape after PregnancyWhile round and plump looks perfect on a newborn, it is not the ideal body image for a new mom. So now that you’ve delivered, you’ll want to address the issue of getting back into shape. Still, your health and that of your baby is priority #1. Therefore, restricting your calorie intake too much too soon is not recommended. That’s especially true if you’re nursing, as restricting calories could slow your recovery while jeopardizing your baby’s milk supply.

The best course of action? After leaving the hospital, take it easy, but listen to your body. When it says you’re ready for increased activity, that’s your signal to start a regular exercise routine coupled with a reduction in caloric intake.

Tip #1) To make a success of your efforts, create an Exercise Calendar and log your daily exercise.

Tip #2) Also establish Weekly Weight-Loss Goals, but make them achievable in order to sustain motivation.

Tip #3) Support your diet and exercise with a program of non-invasive Body Contouring. Such a regimen will help you lose weight and inches while detoxifying your body to speed up metabolism and improve overall health. No surgery, not downtime – just shrinking, toning, and reshaping.

Best Post-Pregnancy Contouring Options

Solution #1: Multi-Treatment Approach
Under this protocol, a Danik medical professional will examine you and develop a customized Body Contouring regimen that incorporates multiple procedures to address a variety of problem areas. Such a multi-dimensional approach confuses the muscle and fatty tissues of the body, thereby stimulating fatty acid extrusion and muscular contraction. Fat is then eliminated from the body, while the muscle contraction increases definition at the same time ramped-up collagen production causes the skin to retract and tighten.

Solution #2: Single-Treatment Approach
Still, for others, Danik’s single-treatment procedure may be the better course of action. This protocol is called “CoolPlas,” and it’s a one-time “fat freezing” treatment that eliminates fat in areas that include the back, upper and lower abdomen, upper arms, waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks. The technology employed isolates fatty tissue so that the cells can be treated without damaging adjoining normal cells. Freezing causes the fat to break down so that it can be eliminated, with the result that the treated area shrinks while the skin tightens to deliver greater definition. Best of all, the loss of fat and inches continues for up to three months as more fat cells are metabolized and collagen production further shrinks the skin.