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Top 10 Reasons to Drink Water


Top 10 Reasons to Drink WaterSure, we’ve all read that water is good for us, but that’s really an understatement. DRINKING 8 GLASSES OF WATER DAILY IS THE #1 WAY TO MAINTAIN BOTH YOUR GOOD LOOKS AND GOOD HEALTH. As a matter of fact, water comprises about 70% of the human body, and it is oxygen and water that are the two substances most essential to human existence, affecting every body function.

So, here are the top 10 reasons why you need to drink up!

#1 – Water helps maintain the look of youth, moisturizing the skin, plumping it, and keeping it soft and wrinkle-free.

#2 – Healthy hydration keeps the brain functioning at peak capacity, improving cognition and memory.

#3 – Water is key to digestion, transporting to the stomach and intestines the enzymes that break down food.

#4 – Water is vital to the process of carrying nutrients to the cells of the body. To keep those cells nourished and healthy, hydration is a must.

#5 – By extension, water aids in weight loss, speeding up metabolism and the elimination of toxins.

#6 – Feeling bloated? Load up on water because it prevents the fluid retention that accompanies dehydration.

#7 – Want to build muscle? Hydrate! Water is critical to building muscle, and it transports electrolytes that prevent cramping.

#8 – Additionally, water promotes muscular definition by expanding muscles to make them look full, toned and pronounced.

#9 – Water helps regulate blood pressure. A lack of fluids thickens blood and makes it harder for your heart to pump.

#10 – Water is vital to joint health, keeping the joints lubricated to avoid injury, pain and degeneration.