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Acne scars DIMINISHED.



Do you have scars on your face that you hate looking at?

Do you wish you can take back all those years of picking at your acne?

There is a way to clear up your skin. There are several clinically-proven approaches that can be used to smooth, and even out skin. This way you don’t have to worry about people seeing your skin up close! You’ll be walking with more confidence once you kick those scars off your face!

MICRODERMABRASION: This is a machine that mimics a vacuum, it sloughs away dead skin cells and at the same time evens your skins tone, complexion, and texture. After just one treatment you will feel your skin smoother and after a couple treatments (depending on how deep the scars are) you will feel and see your scars going away!

CHEMICAL PEELS: There are several different types of peels that attack several different types of skin problems. Scars are one of the bad guys that chemical peels can defeat. Instead of a machine (like microdermabrasion) “vacuuming” away layers of skin, chemical peels use acids to eat away dead skin cells, revealing new and rejuvenated skin. After a few treatments, you will have all new skin, making your skin even and having no more scars.

before & after

Acne scars DIMINISHED.

So send your scars packing, because honestly, they’re uninvited stay lasted long enough!

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