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Body Sculpting After Weight Loss


Body Sculpting After Weight Loss

It’s the natural next step toward that slender, toned body for which you’ve literally worked your butt off.

Perhaps you’ve completed Danik’s HCG Diet.  Or maybe a meal replacement plan was what did the trick. Either way, you’re pleased with the svelte, sexy new you. However, you still see stubborn pockets of cellulite that can’t be dieted or exercised away. We’re talking about fat deposits in the chin and neck, inner thighs, buttocks, upper arms and abdomen.

It’s a fact.  A double chin and rippled thighs can be impossible to target by yourself. But with the help of Danik’s body sculpting options, you’re just a few treatments away from achieving the contoured body of your dreams.

MESOTHERAPY is particularly effective when it comes to fighting cellulite. This protocol calls for micro-injections of a natural cocktail of vitamins and minerals, which are shot directly into targeted problem areas. Patients usually start seeing results by the fourth treatment, and after 10 treatments, you’ll see a substantial reduction in size, along with improved skin tone and texture, and the disappearance of those unsightly cellulite dimples.  In fact, patients typically lose from 6 – 10 inches in about 10 weeks.

So if you want to go the extra mile to achieve post-diet perfection, consider the non-invasive benefits of Mesotherapy, Pressotherapy, Electrotherapy, Vacuum Therapy, Yesotherapy or Carboxy Therapy, and then give Danik a call.

The consultation is FREE.  Contact us today at 954-432-4343.

AS AN FYI, THESE TOXINS CONTRIBUTE TO THE FORMATION OF CELLULITE: Alcohol, Cigarettes, Caffeine, High-Fat Foods, Medications, Preservatives, Pollution, Diet Soda, Artificial Sweeteners, Trans Fats, Pesticides, Stress, Antibiotics, Hormones, and Non-Organic Fruits & Vegetables.

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