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It’s about that beard ….


It's about that beard ....

Men, you all know it’s not easy being a guy. Along with that manly, take-charge persona comes the daily demand of keeping your beard in check. For some, the answer is the casual look of two-day’s growth, while for others, a well-trimmed mustache or goatee may be a more aesthetic answer. Still, most men in America continue to prefer a close, clean shave. However, that’s not a comfortable prospect if you suffer from beard rash or ingrown facial hair.

Beard rash, also known as Folliculitis or Barber’s Itch, may be caused by a staph infection or  fungus, so don’t take the condition lightly. Also be mindful that sharing razors or clippers is a practice to avoid.  Still, there may be another condition causing the rash, itching, pimples or pustules. Your problem could be ingrown hairs, otherwise known as razor bumps.  These bumps develop when the remaining part of a shaved hair gets trapped inside the hair follicle or grows back into the skin. The rash caused is painful and often unsightly, and it’s only aggravated every time you reach for a razor.

Since minor conditions, when untreated, can easily lead to more serious ones, seek appropriate medical attention if suffering from these symptoms.  Beyond prescription antibiotics or antifungals, you’ll also want to keep your face clean, avoid contaminated bath linens, and use hot, moist compresses to sooth and drain the inflamed follicles. Additionally, you’ll need to avoid using any alcohol-based products on your face, as usage will only exacerbate the inflammation.

But there’s yet another avenue you can pursue to remain rash-free and to address any aesthetic damage to your complexion. Be sure to ask about the benefits of select medical spa treatments designed to nourish, detoxify, smooth and rejuvenate the skin. And, finally, permanent laser hair removal may be the ultimate solution.  Today, laser hair removal is considered the gold standard for smooth, hair-free skin. It’s very effective on tough beards, so research this protocol online, or call a licensed laser hair removal specialist.

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