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Knock it off !



To knock the pounds off, you gotta knock the bad habits off first!

There are some bad habits we all do that, unconsciously or not, affect our body. Remember when mom used to bug us about sitting up straight? Well, there was a point for that. Read on for some tips and tricks to loose and prevent belly fat.

1. Don’t Lean: Mostly people lean against their cars while waiting for someone. Stop leaning against walls while standing in a queue. Avoid leaning against any object and try to stand straight. Change this habit of yours and you’ll definitely find positive results.

2. Depend on yourself: You should never take support of anything while climbing stairs unless you are ill. Try to move without support for shedding those extra pounds from your body. You may sit but never ever lean for shedding those abnormal fats from your body.

3. Ban Mindless Nibbling: Calories from those little tastes you take without even thinking about it can add up over the course of a day. Break the habit with this technique: “Plate it, sit with it, own it.” Anything you’re tempted to pop into your mouth—whether it’s the dregs of your 2-year-old’s PBJ sandwich or a single kernel of popcorn—must first be put on a plate and eaten while sitting down. Try this for a day or two and your nibbling habit will be a thing of the past.

4. Don’t Sit Still: Make a conscious effort to move more on a daily basis, whether it is cleaning the house or taking the stairs.
For instance, the average 140-pound woman expends only 32 calories per half hour watching TV. Ironing for the same amount of time burn 73 calories and vacuuming burns 111 calories.

5. Stop Eating After 6 PM: The “after-six diet” is the modern version of the old saying “eats breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. The premise of the diet is that an individual can eat whatever they want and not gain weight as long as it is done before 6:00 PM because calories eaten during the day are not stored in the same manner as calories eaten at night.

Think you can handle those changes? Put yourself to the test and see the results!

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