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The Exilis- Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening



Non-Surgical Fat Reduction, and Skin Tightening

Unwanted fat, saggy skin, and wrinkles are threats to both men and women. But what can be done once they come our way? Is there such thing as a solution that can help contour and shape the body, or give a face lift, all without going under the knife?

Finally, we can say we have the solution.  The Exilis.

Exilis is the new generation in Body Contouring and is a FDA-Approved technology to treat men and women on any parts of their body, including the face, neck, decollete, arms, stomach, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

After only 4 treatments, the Exilis does very well is to reduce unwanted fat. Love handles, bat wings, back fat – the Exilis can contour and sculpt your body by melting the fat and cellulite from those stubborn areas.  By the use of heat waves that penetrate as deep as the clinician thinks is best for your body, the fat will be melted and your body will then dispose of it through urine. The results are definite and permanent, who wouldn’t love this procedure?

The Exilis Skin Tightening technology offers a powerful treatment that helps tighten loose or wrinkled skin anywhere in the body by rebuilding the lost collagen in your skin, resulting in smooth skin, free of flaps and bulges.

With the ability to control the energy flow and depth of penetration, the Exilis uses heat with advanced cooling to achieve these treatments in as little as 20 minutes. Aside from the ability to personalize each treatment according to the clients condition, the Exilis has specific settings and hand pieces specifically made to treat each part of the body.

The Exilis- Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening

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